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Ana wa Nahnoo Blog

The “Ana wa Nahnoo”, AwN, Blog was started in October 2010 by Dr. Elmasry as an expression of her observations and thoughts. It was originally addressed to graduates of the AwN Program but soon changed to a general blog that addresses different subjects except religion and politics.
The subjects covered by the blog include the simple informative, such as informing the reader that the Chinese products that flood the Egyptian market and sell for pennies are “trash” or additional inventory that manufacturers have already received their values, and so this “trash” by being dumped in the local market kills local manufacture.
The subjects could be scientific knowledge that Dr. Elmasry because of her medical background can digest and present in a simplified manner, such as describing cognitive dissonance and its relationship to the anterior cingulate cortex and to emotions and thinking.
The subjects could be educational, such as addressing the subject of public relations manipulating people’s thoughts, or teaching readers the 4 essential recommendations to respond to a blog: Know the main subject and stick to it, do not personalize the issues, present only the issues that can be proven, no hearsay, and have as a main goal to convince the other not to vent off steam. And for this last recommendation: always start by showing you understand what was presented, then find and indicate what you agree with, then, only then, indicate what you see differently.
Sometimes, the subjects covered and the way Dr. Elmasry sees things are different from the ways some readers see them. However, when readers persist in reading the blog they learn to see a different picture from what they are used to and they change their minds on some issues. This is what happened to a reader who hounded the blog after the salafism article, then slowly softened until in the blog about “Trash from China” he was friendly and encouraging Dr. Elmasry to continue saying what is right!!

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