Ana wa Nahnoo the Youth Program

Ana wa Nahnoo (Me and Us) the Youth, is a leadership program for youth, 18-28 years-old. It consists of the two parts of the book “Ana wa Nahnoo the Youth” and an application of the leadership skills through either the “Ana wa Nahnoo” or the “Situations and Ideas in Upbringing” program.

The main goal of the “Ana wa Nahnoo the Youth” Program is to prepare leaders by teaching youth to lead both themselves and others.  The youth, who in the Ana wa Nahnoo Program have learned to know themselves and to take pride in themselves, now, in the “Ana wa Nahnoo the Youth” learn to be leaders of themselves, that is bring out the best of themselves; and after they have learned in the Ana wa Nahnoo Program the importance of the relationship between the Ana and the Nahnoo, and how to make good use of the difference between them,  now, in the “Ana wa Nahnoo the Youth”, they learn  how to lead the Nahnoo, that is, how to have the Nahnoo bring out the best of themselves.

The Program presents the basic information presented in the “Ana wa Nahnoo” Program but in more detail to suit the needs of the youth, and it offers the basic skills needed for work that youth generally need, like the skills of negotiation.