Situations and Ideas in Upbringing Program

“Situations and Ideas in Upbringing” is a video program of 30 parts each of 10-12 minutes which presents ideas and real situations most of them apply the basic ideas that were presented in the book “Raising our Children… is an Art”. It helps parents understand the basics of raising their children and being creative in doing this.

The Program presents to mothers or parents or caretakers 30 meetings each of which starts with the video material then opens the door for discussion to understand and agree or disagree, and find applications for what was presented in the video material.  The facilitator prepares material that supports the idea of the program, at the end of the meeting the facilitator asks from the attendees to prepare for the next meeting remarks about what they face when they apply what they have learnt.

The main idea upon which rests the Program is the duality of human beings, with an animal side similar to that of other creatures, and a side that yearns for its Creator. This latter side was formed during creation when God breathed into Adam, and so endowed him and other human beings with gifts that are not complete but are potential gifts and Man has to develop these potential gifts: the potential to have the great human mind, the potential to have an alerted conscience, to have a sense of responsibility and an appreciation of art, beauty and spirituality. 

Man should use his mind and not have more children than he can care for both financially and emotionally, and unlike animals, he should not marry his girls when they reach puberty, because their human mind has not matured yet. Human mind will not mature until the mid-twenties. 

The Program presents general and clear rules in upbringing taken from psychology, human development and medical sciences…etc….and different applications for these rules as explained in the book “Raising our Children…is an Art” and it gives a chance for the program attendees to creatively apply these rules and discuss their applications.