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What is CECF ?

CECF is a non-profit, culture and education foundation, registered with the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity, which was founded by Souheir Eldefrawy Elmasry, Ph.D. who lived more than 30 years in the US, where she was manager of technology licensing at a major pharmaceutical company and where she volunteered in social work for the community, particularly for the education of its children, youth and families (see Personnel). Upon returning to Egypt in 1999, she noted that Egypt's main problem was essentially a human resources problem. In order to become better workers, Egyptians needed to develop a sense of self-value, learn to be better organized, have more respect for themselves and for others, accept themselves and accept the other and live the democratic life. She decided to put to good use the wealth of information she had collected during her volunteer social work in the US, information that was both varied as it dealt with different immigrant communities, and deep as it dealt with the same communities for dozens of years; and she tailored her work to the needs she saw in Egypt. She wrote and published books for youths and families and founded CECF for their application to large groups of children, youths and parents.