Tuesday , December 6 2022
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In our mission at CECF we function through 4 axes: the children, the mothers-girls, the teachers and the youths,
- With children, we work at enhancing their awareness of their identity and at building their ethical values and life skills,
- With mothers and girls, we work at developing them not only as a protecting- and potentially protecting-environment for children but also, in their own way, as active members of the family and society,
- With teachers, we work at their advancement not only for their part in education and as role models for children, but also for their effective contribution to school and society,
- and with youths we work at polishing their life skills and work skills so they can become more effective members of their communities,
Each of the above axes has its own programs; and each is important both in its own way and as a complement of other axes. We also aim at developing effective relations with other important bodies of the society such as the media and governmental entities.