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Total Weight: 18.30 Ounces Affordability and quality are qualities Morakniv possess. This steel is created in the USA and is mixed with a substance called Molybdenum. Also, all three designs serve to lighten the tip of the blade in order to balance the blade closer to the hilt which also provides the user with better control over the tip. But obviously since you are reading this, you are someone that plans ahead, and you don’t want just any old pocket knife, you want the best knife possible to well, survive with. 4.Price:  Generally Speaking: $ = under $50, $$ = $51 to $100, $$$ = $101 to $200, $$$$ = $200+. Handle Composition: Micarta Blade Composition: 1095 Carbon Steel Are there better steel materials to use? Blade Length: 4.30 Inches The hidden tang is similar to the full tang in that it extends nearly the full width and length of the handle but is designed in such a way the handle can be hollowed an slid onto the tang where is usually affixed with epoxy. Buck Knives are kind of that brand that’s hard to describe just why it’s awesome. Plus it’s complimented by a double finger guard up front and a polished aluminum butt cap in the rear which really sets off the pitch black handle. Blade Style: Drop-Point Blade Length: 7.20 Inches The primary problem with relying on a folding knife is the fact that they have the additional break point that a fixed blade knife does not have. Total Length: 11.75 Inches Scimitars are a type of clip-point and this style certainly resembles a lot of the knives we’ve selected on our survival knives list. The ESEE Izula-II is a perfect example of an EDC survival knife. 1.Knife brand and name/model: Click to view more details or to purchase. My Review: We’ve covered a Cold Steel product that is both utilitarian in design and priced at a bargain, the Drop Forged Survivalist, so now let’s see what Cold Steel has on the other end of the price spectrum. I’ve always loved to be outdoors. Morakniv makes a lot of great knives but earlier in this guide, I said I’d try to stick to only recommending full tang knives as full tang increases reliability and lowers points of failures. These attributes are extremely important and should be well understood before trusting your life to any blade! He started this website while transitioning out of the Marines, and since has recruited several other Marines to help him work on the Marine Approved website. Reproduction of any part of this website without direct permission is prohibited. The handle is rubberized Santoprene which I was a bit wary of at first but under no circumstances, even when using it submerged in water, is the grip anything less than superb and solid. At over 18 ounces, the Cold Steel Survivalist is the largest of their Monolithic lineup and making up that weight is a huge 8-inch blade that is far thicker than what you’d find in the average blade. Related Article: 30 Best Fixed Blade Knives (Ranked by a Marine). Originally adopted into use by the United States Marine Corps in 1942 — then known as the 1219C2 combat knife — The USMC Mark 2 Combat knife is probably one of the best-known survival knives on the market. This BOB knife is one of those rare survival knives that allows you to do it all in a survival scenario as it is nearly indestructible. Blade Style: Bowie Instead, that squared off point makes for a safer tool to carry around and stow away in your backpack or luggage while maintaining similar survival-related components like a long and straight belly for cutting, hacking, and chopping, while the edge is used for accurate slicing and pushing down on the spine for cutting. Not only is the handle very comfortable just like the ESEE 6, it also provides the user with the same nearly indestructible, non-slip, grip that is impervious to the absorption of moisture. The design of the cutting edge is also a critical factor when choosing a survival knife because the different types of cutting edges are designed for different purposes. The sheath that comes with this bad boy is a molded ABS MOLLE compatible sheath that is easily carried on the belt during a long trek, slapped onto a MOLLE compatible backpack, or stuck to your MOLLE compatible chest rig to ride into combat with. Featuring a 6.4 inch drop point blade with a recurved cutting edge and a hollow grind made from 1095 non-stainless, high carbon, tool steel, the Schrade Extreme model SCHF9 is a well thought out design. How to Choose the Right Survival Knife: 8 Things to Consider. The serrations and the glass breaker on the pommel are indicative of its military mindset since the serrations on the cutting edge are not particularly well suited for sharpening stakes and staves nor for carving notches but, they are rather useful when cutting a seat belt to exit a downed air craft or for sawing your way out of an aircraft fuselage or a helicopter canopy. The survival knife, the pocket knife, the hunting knife and the bushcraft knife, just to name a few. Handle Composition: Grivory 55 is an absolute beast of a survival knife! Total Weight: 12.80 Ounces So, if you’re looking for a solid knife for any situation, this might … Plus, it comes with a heavy-duty black leather sheath that has a single snap strap. Ka-Bar Becker U.S. Marine Corp Fighting Utility Knife: 6. as an Amazon Associate may earn from qualifying purchases. KA-BAR has been well known by survivalists and military personnel for years. Below you will find our top 10 overall best survival knives along with a more detailed individual review. The key takeaways I really want you to understand when choosing a blade is that any choice between different types of steel will consist of tradeoffs. Handle Composition: Micarta you can learn more about at this link here. Total Length: 9.45 or 9.50 Inches This is the most ergonomic and comfortable Kukri I’ve come across that … Yeah, a bear, good luck with that. With the right care, you can pass along this beauty to generations to come. The Tac Tool is constructed from 1095 Cro-Van steel which is basically 1095 but with the addition of chromium and molybdenum to increase its durability against weathering and corrosion. Total Weight: Starts at 19 Ounces in the 10-inch version At close to two hundred bucks, though, I was skeptical, that is until I realized who this is for. Blade Composition: 1075 Carbon Steel A good folding knife has it’s place in any survivalist’s arsenal, but it should never replace a fixed blade knife as the primary resource that you use for extreme situations. For now, let’s focus on that sub 5 inch SK5 clip-point that seems to be waving at you. Schrade SCHF9 Extreme – Perfect Outdoors … However, a solid folding knife or partial tang knife is more likely to be in everyone’s price range and still provide many of the benefits that perhaps an “ideal” survival knife would. One of the best survival knives under 100, The TOPS Knives Tom Brown Tracker is an outstanding survival knife that is made with 1095 steel, making it a tough and long-lasting choice for your camping trips.It features versatility and that is why it is one of the most popular knives on the market for all … Well, it’s shorter, a whopping 0.075 inches shorter. Blade Length: 4.40 Inches Unlike the SOG Seal Pup and many of the more affordable SOG knives, the Pillar is designed and manufactured in the US using US steel which gets a huge Oorah from us! N690 has proven to be one of the most wear-resistant steels on the market and once you get it sharp, it stays sharp through thick and thin. How To Put Fishing Line On A Baitcasting Reel? It holds an edge superbly even after heavy duty use. In layman’s terms, you can chop, hack and slash your way out of just about any situation, realize you dropped your lighter, chop, hack and slash all the way back in, and then chop, hack and slash all the way back out again and still have a blade that is basically brand new, brimming with that beautiful Japanese San Mai polish. The military green cord-wrapped handle is a handy detail as the heavy duty cordage can be easily unwrapped when an emergency situation demands it. With a 2.625″ cutting edge and an overall length of only 6.25″, it’s one of the more compact knives in its class. Handle Composition: Micarta Plus, it comes with a heavy-duty, nylon, modular sheath system that can be mounted vertically on a MOLLE vest, horizontally on a standard 1.75 inch belt, as a drop leg belt mount. Sheath Material: Molden Nylon. The high carbon tool steel makes it a tough little survival knife while the mid-range Rockwell Hardness enables it to hold an edge well without being excessively difficult to sharpen. If that’s not what you were looking for, no worries, we have guides on backpacking knives, camping knives, knives for self-defense purposes, and a whole lot more! The full tang is by far the most popular design and should be your top choice because it consists of a tang that extends the full width and length of the handle with handle scales that are affixed one either side of the tang via epoxy and rivets. Blade Style: Drop-Point So many manufacturers and models exist that there is no way that we could have listed everything. Handle Composition: Carbon Fiber Survival Knife. Handle Composition: Knurled Stainless Steel Therefore, the purpose of the recurved edge is to create the blade that is good for both cutting and carving near the bolster but which is also tip heavy for better chopping performance. Blade Edge: Know the Best Purpose of Your Knife’s Edge. My Review: Aitor is a Spanish knife manufacturer with contractual relationships that provide survival and combat knives to the United Nations, UNESCO, and military personnel around the world. On the flip side, Boltaron also doesn’t become as brittle as a Kydex holster would in sub-freezing temperatures. Handle Composition: Glass-Filled Nylon Of course, this knife is plenty more capable than just use as a skinning blade. But, for less than $70, you can add this great survival tool to your collection! It isn’t the hardest steel, meaning it won’t be the toughest on this list, but don’t let that fool you, it’s awfully strong and durable and will certainly handle above-average levels of abuse. More information on the Benchmade LifeSharp program here. The Pillar is a 5-inch monster constructed of one of my favorite super steels, CPM-S35VN. Total Weight: 12.00 Ounces Blade Style: Modified Drop-Point Edge Retention: This attribute depends heavily on both hardness and corrosion resistance. Blade Style: Tac Tool Glock Perfection Field Knife (Excellent Low Budget Knife), 52100 High Carbon Stainless Steel with Grey Teflon Coating, 9. Overall, the 5-inch center-point blade consisting of 154CM is extremely tough and the knife overall exudes a utilitarian design with the grit to back it up. But wait, there’s more! S90V is notoriously difficult to sharpen and thus I can only recommend this knife to those of you who really appreciate S90V and have the time and patience to thoroughly resharpen it. What’s THE best knife I can get for my budget? The tang of a fixed blade knife is the portion of the blade that extends into the handle upon which the knife’s handle is fixed. If a blade starts to corrode around the edges, that will make the blade significantly less sharp and on the flip side, if the steel is too soft, it will lose its edge quickly when you use it. With a portion of the spine clipped out near the tip of the blade, you can move the tip through closer and tighter areas. Popular Article: 17 Best Tactical Pants (Ranked by a Marine). The BK2 is a seriously impressive knife with a legion of loyal fans; it’s probably the best selling ‘serious’ survival knife available to buy. Blade Style: Drop-Point Of course, it’s a little large to act as an EDC but if you need a reliable camp knife or a knife that is sure to aid you in survival, the Rat-7 is a solid choice and at an amazing price point. More information on the Benchmade LifeSharp program here. We have four survival knives on our list that we would choose that are all in a similar price range. The Black Bird SK-5 name bothers me because when I first came across it as I was actually shopping for something like this, I thought the SK-5 in the name meant it was made out of SK-5 steel. Blade Length: 10.00, 14.00, or 18.00 Inches However, it should be noted that they can feature either a positive rake angle, a neutral rake angle, or a negative rake angle measured from the bolster. Anything shorter is a little rougher for heavy work, and anything longer than 7 inches can become unwieldy. Survival knives got their start after being designed for pilots but nowadays survival knives have a very wide range of use cases that just about anyone could benefit from. At forty bucks, this is the kind of knife you buy and abuse heavily for just a few years and then you replace it. Fixed-Blade Knife, The Best Compass for the Great Outdoors: 11 Reviews [2020 Updated List], Our Experience with Cold Steel SK-5 Trail Master, Best Tips on Saving Money for Your Hunting Firearm, Hiking Gear Checklist: Choosing The Best Gear for Backpacking, How To Hunt Wild Hog: Big Boar Hunting Tips (Guns, Bows, Dogs & More), Find Your Best Baitcasting Reel for Fishing: Reviews. Gerber has done really well over the past few years with their Bear Grylls survival gear. Blade Style: Drop-Point The owner of this website does not guarantee offers on this site, and all offers should be viewed as recommendations only. This heat treatment took steel that is simply meh and turned it into a downright juggernaut by increasing its hardness, tensile strength, resistance to heat, and allowing the steel to hold a much better edge than previous treatments allowed for. Easy to carry, it’s the blade you can always have with you. Want to Test and Review New Gear? CDS-Survival MOVA-58 Stainless Steel survival Knife – built for combat & survival. If you choose something cheaper, you’ll have to buy that option several times before you’d ever have to replace the Benchmade Bushcrafter. The knife needed to be extremely lightweight, quick to deploy, as versatile as possible, and tough enough to bet your life on it. Typically, I focus on high carbon steel as I want the strongest blade possible but the truth is, strength is only one attribute of many that are important for a survival knife. While there are several different types of blade grinds, the two best suited for survival knives are the saber grind and the flat grind. Total Length: 14.75 Inches Total Weight: 7.80 Ounces KA-BAR Knife – Best Overall Survival Knife. You will have all the survival gear you need. Plus, this full tang survival knife has a very ergonomic handle design with handle slabs made from “Ultamid” (aka Zytel) which is a custom made polyamide that is extremely tough and impervious the absorption of moisture. In a nutshell, Marine Approved will define a survival knife as the following: A knife whose minimum length is of 3.5” and possesses a versatile shape (drop-point or clip-point), decently hard steel (HRC of 46 or higher), medium to high corrosion resistance, easy enough for someone who has never owned a knife to sharpen, and maintains an edge well enough to be used on a campground for several weeks. Of course, they have a very lengthy reputation of quality and bang for your buck, that’s something you’ve probably already known about. My Review: I won’t review too many Kukri’s on this list because I personally don’t believe they make the best survival knife shape, but with that said, if you must have a Kukri and you’ll be using one as a survival knife, you may as well grab the KUK from CRKT. In fact, it feature a 4.8” drop point blade almost identical to the LMF II Infantry model listed above. Sheath Material: Nylon MOLLE Compatible. Simply put, a survival knife will need to have a decent level of corrosion resistance as you may find yourself out in the rain, lost at sea, or whatever the case may be, your knife will likely end up wet eventually and a corroded blade will be of little use to you. So, what’s in the end cap? Purchasing a Ka-Bar is considered so much more than purchasing a knife, it is purchasing an experience, and so we’ve compiled a list to give you an idea of what are the best … Blade Style: Kukri No! Blade Length: 4.20 Inches The clip-point is an exceptionally strong blade shape that offers a lot of strength at the tip but with a little more precision than something like the drop-point. Total Length: 12.50 Inches In fact, it’s design resembles a hunting knife far more than it does a combat knife. The knife does appear to be a bit blade-side cumbersome but in reality, this is an exceptionally well-balanced blade and you can certainly tell this is of Spanish origin, despite the actual blade design being done in the USA. Fixed-Blade Knife. Perfect as a retirement, anniversary or military gift, this knife symbolizes all the US Military stands for. Blade Style: Clip-Point The literal request read as “a knife to deploy and conduct quick egress of a downed helicopter”. Handle Composition: Kraton Total Length: 12.20 Inches Now, a survival knife is very loosely defined and for good reason – your survival situation is going to be unique and will have a multitude of challenges and characteristics that you will need to try and best be prepared for. But don’t be fooled by the dimensions. All Rights Reserved 2020. Harder steel has benefits such as being able to retain its edge for longer durations and through heavier workloads. We all have our personal preferences on what makes a good knife to go camping or hiking with, but in an extreme situation you want the absolute best survival knife possible, and so we are here to make sure that you have the right choice for any situation. Blade Length: 6.50 Inches The Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Combat Utility Knife was designed by Becker Knife & Tool to be the ultimate all-purpose utility knife for both soldiers and survivalists who need a relatively lightweight survival knife for heavy-duty use. Leave this knife outside in the wind and rain for years, give it a little wipe down, and it’ll shine like it’s brand new. The clip-point joins the drop-point in the super versatile family but allows the user a little more maneuverability in tradeoff with integrity at the point. Due its medium size, the Becker BK7 Combat/Utility Knife is very well suited for use as a general purpose camp knife since it will perform most any job you might need of it in a survival situation from building survival shelters to building traps and snares to preparing the evening meal. Honestly, you would probably be happy to have ANY knife with you. You truly have an entire little mini-survival kit stashed away inside the Aitor Jungle King. As has been stated, any of the choices in this list will be a great option for your next outdoor adventure. Total Weight: 20.80 Ounces It comes with a MOLLE compatible nylon sheath and was purpose-built for anything you may come across in the great outdoors. Our Review of the Top 10 Fixed Blade Survival Knives: 1. The handles, although made with modern technologies, appear in that rustic classic flavor that I really appreciate and the integrated finger guard gives this knife a hefty feeling while also ensuring a slip doesn’t result in the loss of a finger. We do not recommend the SE Outdoor Tanto to be used as a primary survival knife, but it makes a great backup option for when things start to look really dire. Plus, although the hollow grind on the blade allows it to be honed to a very fine edge for cutting and slicing, it also allows the edge to dull more easily when the knife is used to chop. The Best Survival Knives to Get You Through Any Adventure or Disaster. Sheath Material: Leather. KA-BAR Full-Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife. My Review: Tops did say they were shooting for what I could only describe as the child of a camp knife and a machete and I honestly couldn’t possibly think of a single thing they could change to achieve that mission with their monstrous Armageddon. These will handle abuse which is exactly what a Kukri needs to be designed to do and overall, CRKT just does a fantastic job with integrating that rough and tough character a Kukri should encompass while enabling this often overlooked blade design to be super comfortable and easy to use. My Review: The Kershaw Camp is one of the most popular mid-sized camp knives on the market right now. The rather large 6.44-inch clip-point blade consists of 154CM stainless steel which hosts an incredible level of tensile strength while being decently well-rounded in other categories such as edge retention and corrosion resistance. Of course, part of that popularity is the low cost and high availability but the truth is, the Kershaw Camp simply gets the job done without fancy polishing or super steels that cost an arm and a leg and I can respect that. Blade Length: 4.55 Inches Total Weight: 7.45 Ounces I get it, these knives are beautifully designed with a simplistic and utilitarian flavor that exudes craftsmanship and quality. Handle Composition: Micarta Total Length: 16.50 Inches My Review: Benchmade makes a knife for just about every situation and we here at Marine Approved love Benchmades products so much that we actually make an entire list of our favorite Benchmade knives that you can find here! Which is best for a Survival Situation? More information on the Benchmade LifeSharp program here. The LMF II is actually one of my favorite knives around the one hundred dollar price point. And as always, let us know if you have any questions or comments! Kershaw Camp (Good Budget Camp knife), Starts at 19 Ounces in the 10-inch version, 26. Blade Composition: 420 High Carbon Steel Sheath Material: Molded Polymer. Your feet touch the ground and seconds later you are entangled in the cord of your parachute, only to pull your survival knife from its sheath and begin cutting away your chute. Sheath Material: Secure-Extm Molded Plastic. It also comes with a heavy-duty, MOLLE compatible, nylon sheath. A survival knife is the essential tool that can be used in the event you get lost in the wilderness or involved in some other extreme outdoor environment. Total Length: 12.40 Inches Total Length: 14.25 Inches Buck Knives have been made in America since 1902 and you’ll know as soon as you open the box that these knives are good old fashion American quality. At some points in the war, pilots had life expectancies of less than 14 days from the end of their training and many were shot down on their very first combat experiences. Let me try and tell you something you don’t know. So while choosing the best lifesaving knife you have to check which is the best steel determining the strength, hardness, toughness, corrosion resistance, flexibility, its precision and its ultimate success in the hour of need. Basically, if you click on a product link on this site and buy that product we get a small commission at no extra cost to you. This knife, which is hand crafted in the good ‘ol USA (Idaho), will withstand some rough use and abuse with its Scandinavian grind with a convex edge and full tang construction. Total Length: 9.15 Inches Also, it has an integral double finger guard with jimping on the inside edges to improve the grip. Blade Style: Drop-Point These knives are made of 1095 steel which is well-rounded and performs decently across all survival-related situations and the knife is extremely comfortable to use with their textured Micarta or G10 handles. The ESSE Laser Strike knife is somewhat unusual among survival knives in that it features a spear point blade as opposed to ESSE’s standard drop point design. What can I say other than the fact that you really do get the machete experience as you hack and slash your way through pretty much anything that stands in your way but it’s tame enough to use around the campsite and perhaps even prepare dinner with. It is designed to be both a fighting knife and a woods. Blade Length: 4.50 Inches The last thing you need is a broken knife when you are trying to setup a shelter or start skinning a recent game kill. However, many experienced wilderness survivalists consider the spear point blade design to be the ultimate bush craft/utility knife blade design because the tip is positioned directly in line with the center of the blade for highly effective piercing while retaining enough belly to still make a good skinning knife. Blade Design: Choosing the Right Type of Survival Knife: 2. A positive rake angle extends from the bolster at a downward angle in order to increase the angle of attack when cutting and slicing. These blades typically come in around 60 HRC and have a well-balanced suite of attributes including some of the best corrosion resistance in the super steels category as well as some of the best edge retention and blade durability. Blade Composition: Steel CroMoVa18 (58 HRC) When you come out of your survival situation and your gear is in tatters, you can simply send your Benchmade Bushcrafter back in for the LifeSharp program where they will completely restore your knife back to its factory specifications. Total Length: 10.50 Inches This was designed to be a large, fat, heavy, down and dirty survival tool and everything about it exudes the idea of versatility and durability first. Blade Style: Clip-Point I know, it’s insanely expensive, but the truth is, if you have the skill and patience to resharpen it every once in a blue moon, this knife will outlast several replacements of other lower-quality blades and thus the value is clear. It can be perfectly used as a fighting knife or as a cutting tool for woods. Blade Length: 6.44 Inches 1Kershaw Ken Onion Survival Knife. Blade Length: 8.00 Inches The San Mai Trail Master is for someone else, the individual that really appreciates handmade craftsmanship and the individual that just really likes paying that extra premium price for a product that will likely live longer than him/her. For a survival knife, I’d say go between 3.5 to 7 inches for the blade. The BK9 Combat Bowie has a long history of being used among military service members and after speaking with those who have extensive experience with this knife, you’ll come to understand that it has far more experience being used as a survival tool than a combat weapon, although it fully excels at doing both. More information on the Benchmade LifeSharp program here. Most of the survival knives mentioned above are excellent options, but there are a few that we just need to point out as our favorites. A knife that consists of two pieces, perhaps the blade portion is then screwed or welded into the handle portion, will have more points of failure and thus breaks our “lowest amount of failure points” rule for a survival knife. Feel free to use the quick jump menu below to make it easier to find the details that apply to you. They have gotten a little flack for having most of their knives made in Taiwan instead of the US and although we love ourselves some good old fashion American made goods, the truth is that Taiwan has some of the best CNC and blade manufacturing facilities in the world.

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