AwN, Ana Wa Nahnoo

The Ana wa Nahnoo” (Me and Us) Program is a life skills, manners, ethics, and citizenship program that aims at giving children (10-15 year-old) the skills that would enable them to progress and their society to economically develop.

The Program is composed of four parts that are applied over a period of two years.  Its concepts are presented by means of many questions, interactive, colored, entertaining and food-for-thought cartoons, activities, and many real stories.

Ana wa Nahnoo the Youth Program

Ana wa Nahnoo (Me and Us) the Youth, is a leadership program for youth, 18-28 years-old. It consists of the two parts of the book “Ana wa Nahnoo the Youth” and an application of the leadership skills through either the “Ana wa Nahnoo” or the “Situations and Ideas in Upbringing” program.

The Program presents the basic information presented in the “Ana wa Nahnoo” Program but in more detail to suit the needs of the youth, and it offers the basic skills needed for work that youth generally need, like the skills of negotiation.

“Situations and Ideas in Upbringing” Program

“Situations and Ideas in Upbringing” is a video program of 30 parts each of 10-12 minutes which presents ideas and real situations most of them apply the basic ideas that were presented in the book “Raising our Children… is an Art”. It helps parents understand the basics of raising their children and being creative in doing this.

The Program presents to mothers or parents or caretakers 30 meetings each of which starts with the video material then opens the door for discussion to understand and agree or disagree, and find applications for what was presented in the video material.  The facilitator prepares material that supports the idea of the program, at the end of the meeting the facilitator asks from the attendees to prepare for the next meeting remarks about what they face when they apply what they have learnt.

Raising our Children… is an Art

“Raising our Children … is an Art” is a book directed to parents that addresses the issue of upbringing children. It shows that upbringing should not be the reactions of parents to conditions and problems they face in raising their children, but general and clear rules taken from psychology, human development, medical sciences, etc…, rules that are helpful when applied in different conditions. When parents understand this, and apply the general rules in the different conditions they face, upbringing becomes an art based on sound scientific rules.

The Book shows that at the base of our upbringing of our children is how we perceive them and the goals we want to achieve with them. Do we consider that the most important thing we want for our child is to succeed in life? Do we prefer that our child has self-satisfaction rather than becoming successful? These are hard questions but they help clarify our vision in the upbringing of our children and clarify the road we take for that.

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