Raising our Children… is an Art

“Raising our Children … is an Art” is a book directed to parents that addresses the issue of upbringing children. It shows that upbringing should not be the reactions of parents to conditions and problems they face in raising their children, but general and clear rules taken from psychology, human development, medical sciences, etc…, rules that are helpful when applied in different conditions. When parents understand this, and apply the general rules in the different conditions they face, upbringing becomes an art based on sound scientific rules.

The Book shows that at the base of our upbringing of our children is how we perceive them and the goals we want to achieve with them. Do we consider that the most important thing we want for our child is to succeed in life? Do we prefer that our child has self-satisfaction rather than becoming successful? These are hard questions but they help clarify our vision in the upbringing of our children and clarify the road we take for that.

From the goals, the Book moves to the basics of upbringing, for which it gives broad outlines starting from satisfying our children with love to instill in them self-confidence and pride in their identity, to the importance of teaching them to be organized in order to advance and succeed in life, to the importance of respect that builds healthy relationships, to developing their intelligence and emotional intelligence, to giving them important values and ethics.

The Book presents real and scientific events and gives examples and recipes for a behavior that is rich in science and experience. It gives parents a full picture of what they creatively need to raise their children.