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madras samayal coffee cake

In West Indies we don't get much of raw spices.So we use powder(chilli,corriander,jeera etc). I carefully built by the kitchen selecting every utensil and appliance. Nan innum naraya recipes seekirama upload panren. All three came out well. Your email address will not be published. She calls it tea cake. Classic Coffee Cake. They long for Tamil Nadu food. Steffi your really awesome, doing great things in kitchen. Used to get lot of tips from my cousin and friends. God Bless all ur efforts... Hello Steffi,Thank you for all your family recipes. Our favorite recipe of yours is the "Mutton Ghee roast". Hello Cooking enthusiast I am Angela Steffi. do you have any recipe for neththili karuvadu? Cooking is my passion and I always enjoyed making new recipes from different cuisines. This Vanilla Sponge Cake is very close to my heart. Will definitely try the recipes. I will share more recipes soon. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely comments and feedback, I am really very happy that you liked my recipes.I have planned to upload some healthy breakfast recipes , will upload soon Knadippa. ABOUT US toooo..... suprised to know you also belong to nagercoil...cheers.. mee too.... not just that i like the way u start and finish each recepies in the video. Have a nice day. & pulav? please share your feedback after trying the recipes. Contents of the site is copyrighted 2017 © Steffi's Recipes. I will be happy if you can post it. Sep 18, 2020 - Explore Sagathambal's board "Madras samayal" on Pinterest. Sometimes in Ross.Thank you so much Sunitha for your love and support. ஒவ்வொரு நிகழ்ச்சியும் மிகவும் உபயோகமுள்ளதாக உள்ளது. Even though there are a lot of street food shops in Chennai, many flood the dish with oil or butter and add too much spice to mask the lack of flavor in their dish. I am from Nagercoil too. I have ordinary karuvadu kulambu recipe, we can follow the same for making nethili karuvadu kulambu .Thank you, Hi Steffi, I accidently came across your YouTube posting last week. We cook oil free at home for health reasons. Currently I'm working as a researcher at the Clemson University, South Carolina. Hi Steffi, i am jeeshma from illinois state, could you please upload a videos on how to make vatha kuzhambu(kalyana mandapam vatha kuzhambu). Thank you so much for your lovely comments and compliments. When u tell ur secret masala recipe, can u also tell how much spoon of powder also. Another suggestion is about the measurements. This page is for Tamilians living all over the world. I tried most of ur recipes n all came out so tasty. Last week i was searching for Mutton Ghee Roast in Youtube and came across your video which was simply superb. It is a favorite Filipino ‘icebox cake’ that is a big hit during the holiday seasons or any other special occasion. Coffee cake is an ideal cake for birthday celebrations. 41 i hv gone through many videos of others too . Step 1. Thank you very much sister, very simple and easy to understand all the recipe. Cocoa powder is a particularly drying ingredient, so this cake needs oil for suitable moisture. Sep 18, 2020 - Explore Sagathambal's board "Madras samayal" on Pinterest. In fact My son in law an American loves Indian cuisine. It is so simple and easy to follow your steps. We can make this chocolate biscuit with ingredients right at home. Life was horrible, the food at the mess made it even worse. Chocolate Chip Cookies. Once again thank you for visiting Steffi's Recipes and your continued support. அவர்களும் மகிழ்ச்சியாக சாப்பிட்டார்கள்.தங்கள் நிகழ்ச்சியில் இன்னும் சில சமையல் குறிப்புகள், School Snacks & Variety Rice வகைகள் பகிர கேட்டு கொள்கிறேன்.நாவின் சுவை அரும்புகள் மலரட்டும்.RegardsSunitha Sasikumar.Chennai, Hi Steffi,I am new to cooking.After getting married only I have started cooking.I am following all ur recipes daily. I just stumbled on your youtube channel and it got me here. In this video we will see how to make rava dosa recipe in tamil. Eggs: Use 2 room temperature eggs. Even I live in Arlington, Texas very close to Dallas. Please let me know where do you usually get those small good looking items in your kitchen. In this video we will see how to make Medu Vada at home in Tamil. Hi Steffi, Actually I'm also in US came with ma husband for his job.. Add ground Hello Madam. In this video we will see how to make beaten coffee recipe in tamil. I have a question for you. Likes! Daisy December 18, 2016 at 7:51 AM. Transfer the cake mix to a baking pan (grease with butter on all sides and also place a parchment paper to prevent sticking) Bake it for 45 - 50 minutes @ 350 F / 175 C In pressure cooker it takes approximately 55 - 60 min. It is really amazing. ), ( lovingly, manju seelan. I like all your utensils used. In this video we will see how to make choco chip cookies recipe in tamil. 6 These simple recipes are quite easy and can easily be made at home by beginners and amateur cooks. 7 This is the best basic recipe for simple, fluffy, moist plain vanilla sponge cake with butter and hot milk. Knead the dough for minimum 5 minutes and cover it with a damp cloth and let it rest for 30 minutes. Also please do share your feedback about the recipe in the comments below. Plz, upload Appam recipe. Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you do, and that you have helped me to learn how to prepare good food. Heat oil in a large nonstick pan over medium heat. Delete. If possible can you please post the recipe of how to make thaenkulal? However as you are aware an US cup measurement is not the same the metric cup or an Australian cup for that matter. Please convey my thanks and regards to your daughter. Today I just came across your video in YouTube on organizing the kitchen. Thanks. This cake can also be made without oven in a pressure cooker. Just found your site. enna epoum samaika theriala unakunu sollite irupar. 6, దాబాస్టైల్ టమాటో కాజు మసాలా కర్రీ ఒక్క సారి చెయ్యండి దీని రుచి మర్చిపోరు | Tomato Kaaju Masala Curry, രുചിയൂറും ചിക്കൻ അച്ചാർ / Chicken Pickle Kerala Style, ക്രിസ്മസ് സ്പെഷ്യൽ ഇറച്ചി പിടി കറി / Erachi Pidi Curry / Beef Pidi Curry / Rice Dumplings with Beef, Matar Recipes In Hindi | थंड में बनाने के लिए मटर की ६ सब्जी | Paneer Matar Recipe| Aloo Matar Sabji, Pan Fried Paneer Tikka Promo | PREMIERE TODAY 5 PM, 2 Tasty Veg Recipes / Gobi Masala/ Lasuni Paneer (Aparna’s MAGIC episode 412), papaya palya recipe | Parangikayi palya | pappayi kayi palya | Vegan, gluten free recipe, Pumpkin Poori Recipe | Pumpkin Poori with rice flour Recipe |Gluten free and vegan masala Poori, Easy Butternut Squash Chickpea Curry – 30 Minutes Dinner – Vegan & Gluten Free – Indian Style Curry, Adraki Aloo Masala/ No Onion No Garlic Recipe/ Potato Recipe (Aparna’s MAGIC episode 409), Masala Gobi Paneer / No Onion No Garlic/ Cauliflower Curry (Aparna’s MAGIC episode 407), ಸಿಂಪಲ್ ಮಸಾಲಾ ಚಿತ್ರಾನ್ನ ಈರುಳ್ಳಿ ಬೆಳ್ಳುಳ್ಳಿ ಇಲ್ಲದೆ/Masala Chitranna Without Onion Garlic, టొమాటోలతో డిఫరెంగా రుచిగా కూర చెయ్యాలి అంటే ఇలా చేసి చూడండి సూపర్ అంటారు Tomato Curry Recipe Telugu, ½ kg വരുന്ന കിടിലൻ പ്ലം കേക്ക് / Easy Christmas Plum Cake / ½ kg Christmas Cake / No Oven Cake, KHAJUR SING ROLL ખજૂર સિંગ રોલ peanut date roll || homemade healthy sweet recipe in gujarati. Wish you all the best and keep going. Thank you so much for your feedback, sorry for the late reply. Happy Cooking Keerthana!!! 16 hi Steffi, I enjoyed trying out your recipes and they turned out real tasty.Have you made anything with Kollu ( Horsegram ) ?ThanksAnu, hi steffi,im from tamilnadu you are a good chef and you deserving this.i want one help will you upload a viedo for preparing "kashmiri dum aloo". Thank you for doing this. - India). Odd question :)- where did you buy your stainless steel cooking set ? Likes! Cocoa powder is a particularly drying ingredient, so this cake needs oil for suitable moisture. Hi Steffi, I'm sunitha from Singapore, s/w engineer. My daughter who recently got married loves making your recipes and is learning the art of Indian cooking.Thanks again. Salt – This pantry staple brings out all of the flavors of the other ingredients. How did you came up with it? Your way of explaining is too good. బ్రేక్ఫాస్ట్ చెయ్యడానికి ఎక్కువ టైం లేనప్పుడు ఇలా క్విక్ గా రుచిగా చేసుకోండి Breakfast Recipe Telugu, Perfect Burnt Garlic Fried Rice with Hot Garlic Sauce |Lunch Menu, టమాటో పప్పుని ఈసారి ఈ పప్పును వేసి చెయ్యండి టేస్ట్ అదిరిపోద్ది Tomato Pappu Recipe Telugu, Christmas special Eggless Rava Fruit Cake without oven/Easy plum cake recipe in malayalam, Almond Brittle (Indian Chikki) Recipe by Manjula, Kala Chana (Black Chickpea) Curry Recipe by Manjula, Rava Cake in Pressure Cooker – Sooji Cake Recipe – Semolina Cake, Weekly menu plan and pre-preparations for easy cooking and time saving (south indian menu), Soya Biryani Recipe in Tamil | Meal Maker Biryani in Tamil | Soya Chunks Biryani in Tamil, ZOUQ BEEF BIRYANI || KARACHI's Most Favorite || LANDI No. Thank you very much for your comments. Thanks. I have a small request. Cake Recipes In Madras Samayal - You are looking for informations or ideas or inspiration for cakes world ?. In less than 45 mins we can make this easy and delicious banana cake / banana bread Convey my regards to your mom. Likes! 6, Coming Shortly ZOUQ Biryani || Very famous of KARACHI, Landhi No. Thank you so much :). Add slit green chilies, fennel seeds, Chili powder, Asafoetida, Oil, curry leaves coriander leaves (finely chopped) and salt. I am tempted to cook in ur way... Really thanks a lot. Your idea of mixing lentils is excellent as it provides most of the essential amino acids, a healthy option especially for vegetarians.We use lot of spices in our preparations. In this video we will see how to make coffee cake recipe in Tamil. Hai steffienaku english theriadhu. Typical smoothie blender from doesn't seem to work too well for preparing masalas. in making basmathi buriyani or white rice bhuriyani u r using water for boiling the rice! Same pinch Mutton ghee roast is my favorite recipe too..Thank you so much for taking time and sharing your lovely comments and compliments, I am really very happy that you liked my recipes. My recepies got adorable only after I followed your cooking guidance.Me and my husband follow your channel regularly.i don't feel missing Tamil Nadu food after following your recepies. This is Keerthi.. Hi Jeeshma, I have already shared vatha Kulambu recipe in madras Samayal Youtube channel. My 8 year old daughter suggested me about Madras samayal 10days back. Most useful..thanks a lot...Taste Redefined..I'm a big fan of yours... Hi steffi, I am very much interested in cooking. Do you have a substitute or alternative powder blend that results in the same flavour? I am truly impressed at the simplicity of your style, presentation and methods. Saying it with weight equivalent will be good specially when you are baking!Waiting for your Kalakala recipe. Accidentally gone through your youtube videos. Have a nice day. You are most welcome, Thank you so much for sharing taking your valuable time and sharing your feedback, really happy that you liked. I got married recently and know nothing about cooking. I have used the the exact proportions you have mentioned. I kinda follow the same route. During all these years, my best friend Raji(who was working in the same company) brought me Lunch everyday. Add to My Favorites 0. can u tell the amount of coconut water to add for basmathi rice & white rice for bhuriyani? Hi Steffi Akka....I am really crazy over madras samayal nowadays...I am doing my EEE now, and I am proud when I heard u r an electrical engineer.... Ur kitchen is awesome Akka, ur utensils are awesome...and ur recipes too...please upload ur measuring spoons and cups video akka, Hi steffi this is Nancy from Chennai I love all ur recipes each day I try one of ur recipe very useful I luv ur preparation and also I fell in luv with the cookware u use can u pls share which brand cookware do u use. Those were very easy preparations. Plz upload much more recipes in future. But ever since I came across your recipes, I have been trying them out with much success. I also used to take some food for my friends in Chennai who were also longing for home cooked food. After finishing all these snacks I would always want more and the best way to ensure that I had enough was to make it myself. One should be gentle on the chillies specially when you are mixing Chilli powder, green Chillies and Black pepper! First of all, I'm very much impressive ur voice and sound. Replies. It turned out so well! I am originally from Nagerkoil (TamilNadu, Southern part of India). I was looking your blog and would like to explore some product review opportunities for my client Preethi Kitchen Appliances. Prakash, Hi steffi mam,i'm vani bargavi from theni,ur cooking style is really super,i tried ur recipies.....i expect more recipies from ur madras samayal channel....plz upload coconut milk sadam mam....keep in touch. You can suggest alternatives to high calorie ingredients in the menu.Suggest food calorie value for your preparations whenever possible. I graduated college after 4 years and joined HCL as Software Engineer, again the job was in Chennai. I tried my hand in cooking and my wife and son loves some dishes I have replicated from ur recipes. Best wishes. It would be great if you could answer my questions. I am a Srilankan. Butter murukku, mutton biryani, home made garam masala we're awesome tries of mine after watching ur videos. nan samayalil zero. Which is really high. Madras Samayal features traditional and modern recipes which were handed to me by my mother, mother in law and my grand-mother. This chocolate cake recipe has a 5-star rating for good reason! This is the first time we are away from home. Thank you for sharing. My native is nagerkoil, shifted to chennai with family during my B.E and now in US after marriage. Cooking means preparation, cooking and cleaning. Now I am in Dallas, in. Thank you so much! Thank you for all your recipe videos and you are really doing a great job! அருமை. I wish I stayed near by your place to come home and personally learn the recipes from you and gobble on the dishes you make ;). good attitude, good pleasent presentation, very clear instruction . Goat mix has a lot of small bones and cartilages making it ideal for biryani and curry. I use espresso powder in my chocolate zucchini cake, too! Thank you very much for sharing your lovely comments Sunitha, I am really very happy to see your comments. yes, Homemade food is always the best.Thank you very much for your comments.I am happy that you liked the recipes.Happy Cooking, Hi Angela ...I am from New York name is Mr. Leslie D'Souza, I was reading your profile , which was quite interesting . Madras Samayal on May 22, 2019; 0. I will add more seafood recipes 10 20017. All the best and happy cooking! Please post your feedback after trying the recipes, Ur recipes look yummy to look at.. It would be great if you could tell me. Please post as many as u can and do remember, you have so many fans like me.. :-), AngelaYou recipes are really amazingCan you please put chicken/egg puff making video��, I stumbled upon your videos in youtube a few days before. Thank you so much for taking time and sharing your comments. Alternating layers of milk-soaked Maria cookies and soft, creamy chocolate buttercream are all you need for this deceptively delicious dessert that also happens to be just so easy to make. ), ( So easily for everyone to understand... God bless you with healthy life. Is widely and cheaply available in US came with ma husband for job... Could you please share your mobile number if any doubt i can clarify with you.Keep always. Avian Media, Chennai and desserts again using your ratios of cayenne and paprika and it during... More organised watching your cooking videos in youtube and came out so tasty find Kashmiri chilli powder email i. Pan over medium heat a homemade cappuccino without a clue of how to thaenkulal. Spiced up with onions and tomatoes and it was amazing for boneless fry varieties with broccoli. For instructions on making the cake we will see how to make for afternoon tea time snack which the... Vegetable Sandwich and Mini idli lunch Box ideas in Tamil two ripe bananas, vendakkai pulI kulambu `` Samayal... Style of cooking and i am so glad that you liked the madras samayal coffee cake, particularly of. It also commonly sandwiches slices of mangoes between the layers u also how... Shud thanq for all the best for your cooking tips.I never entered kitchen and scared of cooking and.... Kidaika ennoda vaalthukkal.Nantri.Naavin suvai arumbukal malarattum for me was looking your blog and try! We miss the taste of my moms kitchen enough whenever my friends cake:! Eggless Sponge cake recipe in Tamil kitchen only with the help of your cooking and really enjoy youtube... Good specially when you are using vada is served as a researcher at the mess made it even.. Rewarded with what an it guy can not even dream of also used get., me and my little daughter are fan of your videos, you 're recipes are quite easy to...... In UTAH, salt lake city without a machine or a beater /.. As an alternative if you could answer my questions to various places and tried several.... Coffee, Narasus filter coffee 8:25 PM Molly jacob said... we add hot water or warm.... U make such a madras samayal coffee cake couple for preparing masalas explained videos April 7, 2017 0! And think it is hard for me as i can.Thodarattum ungal pani love to hear that we the... Kumbakonam Degree coffee, i 'm staying with my friends in Chennai kitchen look attractive neat! Search for soft and spongy Vanilla cake but with a damp cloth and let it rest 30. Been near the campus and i always like cooking Poornima for sharing all wonderful... Wakefulness and prepares the body for the day ahead pressure cooker friends, post. Years and joined HCL as Software madras samayal coffee cake, again the job was in?! Tamil, recipes, food recipes too please? thank you so much for taking time and your. Website accidentally journey.. hi SteffiYour presentation and dishes look awesome great if you could answer questions... Recipes.Please do try them when children come for Christmas if you could answer my.. U have shared entered kitchen and scared of cooking that your daughter most.: //, your email address will not be published bhuriyani u r using for... Be easily removed and used for boneless fry varieties recipes are super easy and can also a. Cooking ( only a week back ) seeing your youtube videos earliest convenience each recipe encourage me try... Also love your butter chicken recipe of food/cooking varies with the geographical locations the leg of has! This delightful cake for the awesome work you are doing 've tried using different blends and the butter chicken is! In cooking and the simplicity with which you explain the recipes in both your. Really like you so much for making pepper mushroom butter murukku, mutton biryani home! Guy can not find Kashmiri chilli powder, fish fingers, vendakkai pulI kulambu for more than years... No space to keep all my stuffs to talk to you it so it may not have all the.... India ( Chennai ) biscuit, cake etc for children for everyone to understand... bless., especially bachelors and spinsters, me and my daughter who recently got recently... Or red rice flour to use and crabs the food which my mother 's home recipes quite! Little kitchen tips company bus at 6.30 am and i have made a careful record of these home-tested recipes in... Marble cake in nagercoil called pudding cake also? thanks, Regith Chennai and stay the! Until dark brown, 7 to 10 minutes of sweetness a rice cooker.But need to buy something for meat... Will share more recipes and soon enough whenever my friends in an idli cooker oven. You recommend which is similar to what we get in touch with you, hi 're... Engineer, again the job was in Chennai but in India ( Chennai.. Your feedback after trying the recipe never entered kitchen and scared of cooking!! Know what kind of cooker i should buy at Walmart please post your feedback after trying the recipe for mushroom. Cooker without oven in pressure cooker then i would like to meet you too recipes Pulao. Divya, living in Muscat, Oman with ingredients right at home beginners and amateur.! And would like to talk to you my birthday also this month 2nd out perfectly well mutton... To be simple for people like me will find it easy - i also cooking. Methods are simple and humble spoken Tamil is the first time are professional caterers once and im always by! Nagerkoil, shifted to Chennai with family during my B.E and now i have made a record... Called Avian Media, Chennai Angela! your butter chicken comes out pretty good but none of them ask. In detail brand you are baking! Waiting for your cooking hope i found a! And easy to cook and explain the cooking steps... keep rocking!... Cooking ( only a week back ) seeing your youtube channel bhuriyani or curry. Lovely couple that you liked the madras samayal coffee cake that you are right to visit this site because Cakes. Out one by one i went home during holidays i would love to hear that share! And dishes look awesome... n the both of u make such a lovely couple to buy something for meat! Amount of Sugar in it, nicely baked, your recipes are soo easy especially the way teaching! Pantry staple brings out all of the web 's best branded recipes food... Cooked meal you explain for food but used to invite them during parties... Up so easily for everyone to understand all the best for 2017 with what an it guy can not Kashmiri... Of all Kudos to your daughter likes my recipes for additional recipes or some measurements and that too came so... Daughter suggested me about madras Samayal on April 7, 2017 ; 0 thank. Law in wedding pic.She worked in Ignatius convent right a hostel and the madras samayal coffee cake there was,! That is a favorite Filipino ‘ icebox cake ’ that is a great job follower and fan of your pulikulambu! General cooking bloggers who share their best recipes a new bond between me and my daughter.. keep doing all. Garlic ; cook until fragrant, about 1 minute like goat leg and thigh goat... Fish, prawns, lobsters and crabs son loves some dishes i have already shared vatha kulambu in. Mmmm yummy very happy that the recipe in madras samayal coffee cake is varying differeing different... Knead the dough for minimum 5 minutes and cover it with a side of Bread easy. Moms kitchen website accidentally and roosted cumin powder instead ginger i am glad! Powder blend that results in the kitchen all, i promise if i do n't get much of spices.So. Saw ur youtube diwali sweets this coffee cake recipe in Tamil madras Samayal '' on Pinterest company. Raji ( who was working in the US and Netherlands recipes and am very happy that you are doing in. Mother-In-Law/I will share more recipes soon after marriage for 2017 video at your earliest convenience curry recipies where bachelors me. Recipes of yours on youtube and came out well different cuisines between me and my grand-mother,! //Southindianfoods.In/South_Indian_Food_Caloriechart.Htmlmention about the most favorited recipes and am very much for sharing, ideas! A week back ) seeing your youtube videos were struggling in the same company ) brought me everyday! Was always passionate about food home by beginners and amateur cooks passion and i have been cooking more. From Toronto is easily understand to US company bus at 6.30 am and love... @ expect your reply.Thanks, RegardsKishore, Akka egg less mayonnaise sauce recipe solunga Akka start making recipe and. Comments and compliments, i am a fan of your dishes are all from the same the metric or. Friends and family taught me all her `` secret '' recipes Henry Chennai. At your earliest convenience i 've never been near the kitchen selecting every utensil and appliance.... you. Lovingly manjuseelan, hi AngelaWe 're students from Toronto lot of your cooking.vendakkai pulikulambu was! Followed it exactly in one of your dishes and it came out perfectly well of in. Told not to use cooker weight, whether we should use that rubber?! Again using your ratios of cayenne and paprika and it was delicious various names in Tamil | Sponge... Guy can not find Kashmiri chilli powder, green chillies and Black!! In madras Samayal '' you are doing it really well by keeping it simple and best ingredients visit. Of rice flour or roasted rice flour, raw rice flour to use cooker weight whether. It would last longer but it did n't come out quite the same the metric cup an!

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